Cinderella Movie | Tamil Horror (2020)

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Cinderella Movie | Tamil Horror (2020)

Everything you should know about Cinderella Movie

Cinderella Is a Tamil horror film. VinooVenkatesh wrote as well as directed the movie all by himself. The lead actress of this film is Raai Laxmi. She gained her fame in her last films Kanchana 2. It was a huge success and Vinoo took his chance to make one more horror film casting her. After watching the teaser the doubt was clear that this movie will be a huge success. In Cinderella, an evil spirit will hunt down and kill all the innocent people of the village. However, some of the villagers are accusing Laxmi of all the murders and missing reports.


The film is based on a horror story where it seems like some people are sacrificing young females to their lord Satan. These young women are kidnapped and brought to the main cult leader in order to sacrifice. However, it seems like Laxmi is held responsible for the crimes. Is she really behind these crimes or its an evil spirit making her do it? However the police are looking for traces to catch the real killer, but somehow they are losing tracks. There are also some gore scenes in the movie so who can not handle such a scene must avoid those parts of Cinderella.

The victims of the cults are dressed as a princess before they were killed. It looks like the cult is showing itself as an antichrist. As their dresses have a mark of an upside-down cross. People who worship satan and the evil spirits carry an upside-down cross. One of the posters released by the authorities reveals that the evil spirit possessed Laxmi. Whether it is she or the spirit making her do it it is sure that her character is doing all the crimes. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Cinderella Movie Review
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Release Date & Marketing of Cinderella

The production published February 5, 2021 as the date for the release of Cinderella movie. However, the production team has published several posters. These posters feature on Laxmi. In the posters, her face is shown as an evil ghost that looks terrifying as well as beautiful. In the first poster, she is riding a bike and her face is all white as well as her eyes, and her eyes are bleeding as she is wearing a blue princess dress.

The second poster also features Laxmi as half of her face is normal and the other half is ghostly. There is also an upsidedown cross dividing her face. On November 8th, 2018 the production published this poster.

Cinderella Movie
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The cast of the Cinderella movie

  • Raai Laxmi
  • Sakshi Agarwal
  • Kalloori Vinoth
  • Robo Shankar
  • Aadukalam Naren
  • Mamathi Chari
  • Anbu Thasan
  • “Boys” Rajan

Production and crew of Cinderella Movie

VinooVenkatesh wrote as well as directed Cinderella by himself. Also, he chose Raai Laxmi as the lead character for this film because she was a great success in her last horror-based film. Moreover, Aswamithra joined the crew as a musician. Rammy joined the crew as a cinematographer while he carries a good record in his career. SSI production produced the movie and they are also well-known for their great production of films.

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