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Pressure Cooker Movie Review | Telugu (2020)

Everything About Pressure Cooker Movie

Pressure Cooker is one of the latest Telugu films of 2020. Sujoi and Sushil directed this film. Along with another producer Appi Reddy, the produced this film as well. Anyway, this film shows us the reality of society which affects the young and older generation both. The film portrays a story of a middle-class family where studying in countries like America means the best way to gain success. In the trailer, we can see that a young boy’s father is showing him their family members who studied abroad. Also, he provokes him into doing the same. As he grows up with this thinking that he needs to study abroad. He also dreams that one day he is gonna make his parents proud.

The plot of the Film Pressure Cooker

In the teaser, a customs officer asks the lead actor Ronak why does he want to study in the US. He replies that it was his father’s dream. Because his father made him only focused on going to USA and study. It was not his dream but his father’s dream. It is very common in the middle-class families of Asia. Even though his father is very calm and caring, unknowingly he pressures his son in filling his own dream.

When its time he faces the real struggle of studying abroad as he fights to get help from the local rich and well-known. However, they refuse to help and he gets more depressed. But his friend stands beside him and supports him in all aspects. The film shows the harsh truth of parents’ expectations and the result of it. We must never pressure our children about the future. Instead, we must teach them to be hard-working and humble. We must not be the ones who choose what they will do and not. It pressurizes them and makes life hard for them. That’s why the film is named Pressure Cooker.

Release Date and Marketing

Pressure Cooker is set to release on 21 February 2020. They also posted a poster of the film on 24 January. In the poster, the whole family is featured along with the friends of the Sai Ronak (lead actor).

Pressure Cooker Telugu Film
Image Source = Twitter | Credit = Abhishek Pictures

In another poster of Pressure Cooker Movie, Ronak along with his friends and his girlfriend stands with a huge travel bag.

Pressure Cooker Telugu Film Review
Image Source:- Google | Credit:- Coming Trailer

The Cast of Pressure Cooker Movie

Sai Ronak
Preethi Asrani
Rahul Ramakrishna
Tanikella Bharani
CVL Narasimha Rao

The cast of this film isn’t really that popular among film lovers. However, Ronak has done pretty good acting and I’m sure you are gonna love it. As well as Preethi Asrani who joins the cast as Ronak’s girlfriend is really good at acting too.

Crews Who Worked Behind The Camera

Sujoi Director
Sushil Director
Appi Reddy Producer
Sunil Kashyap Music Director
Rahul Sipligunj Music Director
Harshavardhan RameshwarMusic Director

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